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About the Human Library Reading Garden

The idea of creating a Reading Garden for the Human Library originated with our founder Ronni Abergel. After securing support from the city of Copenhagen, the garden was designed in a close collaboration between a team of Human Library volunteers and Architect Tina Vilfan

Building started in the spring of 2020 and the area was ready for our 20th anniversary celebrations in June, Today the Reading Garden is operated in a partnership with the culture house Union . It is the only one of its kind in the world.

The garden is a place where you can sit down comfortably and engage with people who have volunteered to be an open book for you, on their lived experience. For up to thirty minutes you are invited to ask any question you want about their subject.

It is a safe place to explore mankind, be courageous and ask questions that can help you challenge the stereotypes and better understand the diversity in our community. Our books welcome your questions.

All loans are facilitated and supervised by our librarians who aid and assist readers and books with any needs that occur. All readers must agree to our “Rules for Readers” before they can borrow their first book.

The services of the Human Library are free to readers but donations are always appreciated to help support the sustainability of the reading garden.

During the season we are open on Sundays for the public. While our weekdays are reserved for visits from educational institutions and other publishing partners.

Most of our topics are available in both Danish and English. A few are also available in Arabic, French, German, Italian and Spanish. You may borrow as many books as you like, but only one at a time.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Human Library Reading Garden in Copenhagen.

How does it work

How does it work

Very similar to your public library only we have real people on loan as an open book for you. Offering insights and honest conversations about their life and experience.

If you arrive at the Human Library Reading Garden in the opening hours (Sundays 12-4pm) you will see a black librarian’s desk and a board with a list of topics available to readers. If the topic is listed in English, then it is available to readers in English.

Consult the librarian to get an introduction and register for your library card. At this time you also agree to respect and observe our “Rules for Readers” .

Now you can make your choice from what is available. The librarian is there to help guide you and once you have made your choice. The librarian will bring out the book for you and make introductions.

One way to prepare is to give some thought to what questions you might want to ask, remember to dress for the Danish weather and bring water to stay hydrated.

If you are in a group, then we recommend that you share a book. A maximum of five readers can take part in a group reading.

Plan your visit

Below we have compiled some practical information to help you prepare for your visit to our Reading Garden. Please use the contact form to reach the reading garden librarians.

Opening hours

The reading garden is open to the public from 12-4pm on all Sundays from April 28 – October 13, 2024 both days included. You do not need a ticket or a reservation to attend. Some waiting time can occur on sunny sundays.


The Human Library Reading Garden is located at Nørre Alle 7 in the famously diverse Nørrebro neighborhood. You will find us in front of Union. A public culture house full of activities and offerings for the people of Copenhagen.

Address: Nørre Alle 7, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Getting there with public transport

The Reading Garden is easily accessible and close to public transport: Best bus route is 1A which stops at Sankt Hans Torv/Blegdamsvej. From there it is a 1 minute walk. Bus 5A and 350 both stop at Nørrebrogade/Elmegade – only a 5 minute walk from the garden.

See the map and a link below where you can download public transport information and tickets.

Download public transport information and tickets here:

Getting there in a car

Copenhagen is the world’s smallest big city and has more dedicated bicycle lanes than any other capital.

So we recommend using public transportation or renting bicycles to get around in a climate friendly manner.

However for those are arriving by car there is only paid public parking available in the area on Nørre Alle and on Blegdamsvej. Remember to pay for your parking using one of the many apps available.

Disability access

The Reading Garden is accessible with a wheelchair and there is a reserved space for parking right in front of the Reading Garden entrance. Note you need a special permit to use this parking bay and no payment is required.


Restrooms are available inside the culture house Union.

A ramp for wheelchair users can be found on the backside of the building.

There is free wi-fi provided by the City of Copenhagen and a cozy cafe hosted by “Send more spices” a social enterprise engaging especially women from minorities.

The Coffee is great, the food is very good and the prices are reasonable.

Rules for readers

Rules for readers

Like all other libraries we have rules for our readers. They are in place to ensure a good experience for everyone involved and must be accepted before any loans.
  • All readers must register with the librarian and accept the rules in order to borrow a book.
  • All loans are personal and may not be transferred to others, however you are allowed to share a book.
  • All books must be returned in the same condition as it was given.
  • Treat the book with the same care and respect you want to be treated with.
  • Your book is a reference to a lived experience and they expect you to ask about the things that you want to know.
  • Remember to bring the book back before the loan expires.
  • You are only allowed to borrow one book at a time, but you can read as many as you want.
  • It is not allowed to film or record audio from the reading.
  • Please ask your book before taking pictures.
  • No smoking, alcohol or food is allowed in the reading garden.

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